Noise and being neighbourly

I feel it is important to respect your neighbour’s right to live in a peaceful environment. This means refraining from making any loud noises between the hours of 11pm-7am. This is a city bylaw!  It also means keeping noise levels down during the daytime hours. Our building is not very soundproof so even moderate noise levels are loud. Over the past eight years I have been woken up numerous times in the middle of the night because the resident above me is not respectful nor considerate. I have written countless letters to council and nothing has changed. My only hope and prayer is that one day the fellow above me will actually consider my feelings the next time he decides to saw, drill or move furniture around in the middle of the night. This has got to stop NOW!

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  1. Written by C.A.
    on 25 November 2011 at 21:16