Supplemental report from EXP

After being pressed for it, exp Services Inc. finally submitted (on 29 September, the day of the SGM at which we voted on proceeding with the construction phase) a written report to the Strata Corporation on their investigation into things that needed additional investigation, according to the RDH Building Engineering Ltd. report of 17 November 2010. The EXP report — which should have been written and submitted back in July or August, well before discussions and information meetings prior to the 29 September vote — looks like it was begrudgingly slapped together at the last minute.

In addition to grammatical errors that leave one wondering what the authors intended to say, there is now a huge question mark (based on the report’s “observations and recommendations”) over what repairs are actually needed on the east wall! So, even though wheels are apparently in motion to start work on a defined plan within three weeks, enquiries are now being made to determine whether or not that plan is actually correct, and if we’re on the right track.

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