Emergency plumbing work

It seems that a leak was reported in the *01 and/or *02 stacks yesterday (Friday, 30 September). Artisan Plumbing & Heating Ltd. were called in and the leaks was eventually isolated to a split pipe (if I understood correctly) in the wall between units 401 and 402. As of today (Saturday, 1 October) this seems to be fixed, and there is an industrial dryer hard at work on the first floor drying out walls.

I also understand that holes were cut in the drywall in a number of suites to gain access to the plumbing, so presumably this will be attended to this week.

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  1. Written by CraigH
    on 3 October 2011 at 23:15

    Unsurprisingly, an email to Strataco on the issue of having drywall holes repaired has gone unanswered as of today.

  2. Written by CraigH
    on 9 October 2011 at 09:02

    Drywall repairs were started on Wednesday, 5 October by Ecotec, and completed in our suite the following day. (Don’t know if they’ve finished in all affected suites though.) They did a good job.

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