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Does anyone know if you can use a smart phone (ie iphone) to answer the buzzer downstairs? Must a landline be used to activate our entry system?

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Empty parking stalls

Does anyone know which parking stalls are empty…you know…. the ones we paid a LOT of $$$ for? Strataco has not given us any direction as to where we can store our balcony items during construction. I would be most happy with a prompt reply as my nephew is coming over on Sunday to move […]

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BC Hydro notice of meter exchange

Under the heading of “better late than never” — on my part, not anyone else’s — is this notice from BC Hydro and Corix Utilities informing us that we’re getting (or had installed) smart meters on 14 or 15 November between 08:00 and 20:00.

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Big ass crane

If you missed the crane … it’s OK, I took some pictures for you. I missed the make-up air unit being hoisted onto the roof though. Sorry.

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Make-up air unit replacement

This afternoon Strataco delivered a letter (dated 31 October) informing us that the make-up air unit will be replaced by Honeywell tomorrow, 2 November, starting at 07:30. The crane will be arriving at 09:00 and delivering the unit from West 2nd Avenue. I don’t know what it’s like on other floors, but we’re looking forward […]

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Emergency plumbing work

It seems that a leak was reported in the *01 and/or *02 stacks yesterday (Friday, 30 September). Artisan Plumbing & Heating Ltd. were called in and the leaks was eventually isolated to a split pipe (if I understood correctly) in the wall between units 401 and 402. As of today (Saturday, 1 October) this seems […]

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Underground parking garage door

As you may be aware, there was another break-in in the underground parking during the night of 27-28 September. When entering the garage on the evening of 28 September we noticed that the garage door closed, then started to open as soon as it reached the limit of its downward travel, then closed again and […]

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