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I apologise for the fact that my activity on this website ceased suddenly at the end of November. As should have become apparent to most, this was because we left Trinity Place at that time, and out of necessity and good taste I stopped commenting on issues related to the building and its management.

I did intend, in early December, to post something about this (I even had the post drafted) and cast about for a volunteer to maintain this website. However, the pressures of finding a new place to live, moving out, moving in and then Christmas meant that this did not happen in a timely fashion such that the momentum that the site had begun to build towards the end of November could be maintained and built upon. Now, with the site apparently abandoned by its creator (and nobody to keep putting back the sign removed by the “anonymous sign stealer“), it’s no wonder there’s no activity here.

The only direct feedback I have received on this website has been positive. Unfortunately that feedback has also been private, and I respect that. I would far rather that the feedback be public, here on this site, but there seems to be a culture of fear at Trinity Place — a fear to speak out. (This seems partly to be the result of unspoken understandings between some members of Council and Strataco.) I’d be deliriously happy regardless of whether the public feedback received was positive or negative. Whichever is the case, feedback would stimulate discussion if it was held here in public.

What happens to this website is up to you, the Owners and residents of Trinity Place. Would you like to take it over? If so, let me know and we’ll talk. I have some minor conditions, but you don’t have to agree with my points of view to take over the website, and I will help you get started. My main conditions will be that the existing blog posts must remain and must not be altered, and that Owners and residents be allowed to participate freely. Email me at

But unless a volunteer steps forward before then to take over this endeavour at transparency and accountability, this website will close in two weeks on 7 February 2012.

Stay tuned!

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