Notification 2 (New City): Project Start

Delivered as I was posting the picture of the scaffolding is a letter from New City Contracting dated today with the subject “Notification #02 — Project Start”. It’s addressed to residents in units “101-108- 201- 208- 301- 308- 401- 406” (actual punctuation and spacing). I’m not sure if that means it has been delivered to […]

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Added and reorganised documents

I’ve been busy scanning a whole bunch of documents and adding them to the Documents page. Besides the fact that I have uploaded a copy of every digital document I already have, there isn’t really any logic to what is there and what isn’t; I haven’t picked a specific date and uploaded everything sent out since […]

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Clarification from EXP on their earlier Additional Investigations Report

On Wednesday, 26 October, Strataco delivered a package containing the following to the door: A 1-page cover letter from the Strata Corporation dated 24 October 2011 and signed by Kim Sheldon, Strata Council President, A 15-page Additional Investigations Report — Building Envelope report from EXP dated 29 September 2011, Copies of this were already given […]

Uploaded more documents

In keeping with the goals of this website, I have uploaded some more documents so that they’re easily available for all Owners and residents. Unfortunately, because they’re all scans, they are not searchable because they are essentially images, not text documents. I would hope and expect that as this website grows and improves, such documents […]

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