Notification 2 (New City): Project Start

New City Contracting, Project Start, 2011-11-22, thumbnail

New City Contracting, Project Start, 2011-11-22

Delivered as I was posting the picture of the scaffolding is a letter from New City Contracting dated today with the subject “Notification #02 — Project Start”. It’s addressed to residents in units “101-108- 201- 208- 301- 308- 401- 406” (actual punctuation and spacing). I’m not sure if that means it has been delivered to all units in the building or only those units actually shown; the dashes make it confusing.

Also confusing is that this is apparently notification number 2, but I don’t recall notification number 1. Perhaps it was delivered earlier only to units on the west side of the building, as scaffolding was erected there on 31 October, if I remember correctly. Further confusing the issue is the reference to the “project start”. I thought the project started on 24 October? What do I know? I just live here and pay the bills!

Anyway, scaffolding will start to be erected on Thursday, 24 November and actual work on the balconies will start on Monday, 28 November. Again, not sure if this is for the whole building or just the specific suite numbers explicitly mentioned above. This work — involving removing the railings, flooring and ceilings and doing necessary repair work — is to take 4-5 weeks. Your guess is as good as mine as to exactly where this fits into the schedule posted on the notice board.

The letter (signed by New City project manager Alex Mikaelian) asks residents to remove everything from their balconies, and notes that balconies will no longer be accessible as of Monday, 28 November.

I’ll be adding this letter to the Documents page shortly.

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