Report 3 (Williamson): Building Remedial Report

The third monthly report from John Williamson Inc., dated 6 January 2012. It notes the unexpected discovery of concrete topping on two balconies, and that the same is expected to be found on three more balconies. Also of interest is that moisture probe testing on the north-east wall has been completed, and a report is […]

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More scaffolding has arrived

In other breaking news, a bunch of scaffolding was unloaded into the common area on the south side of the building this afternoon. By the way, does anyone in 202, 203, 302 or 303 have any comments on the application of deck membrane on their decks that has presumably happened by now?

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Notice 4 (Williamson): Balcony deck membrane

The latest notice from John Williamson Inc., dated 17 November, advises that the application of liquid deck membrane to the decks of units 202, 203, 302 and 303 will begin “immediately”. Emphasis is placed on the fact that this stuff doesn’t smell particularly good, but that the smell should dissipate within twenty-four hours and that […]

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