Notice 4 (Williamson): Balcony deck membrane

John Williamson Inc., notice 4, 2011-11-17

John Williamson Inc., notice 4, 2011-11-17

The latest notice from John Williamson Inc., dated 17 November, advises that the application of liquid deck membrane to the decks of units 202, 203, 302 and 303 will begin “immediately”.

Emphasis is placed on the fact that this stuff doesn’t smell particularly good, but that the smell should dissipate within twenty-four hours and that it is approved for exposure for a short duration and in ventilated conditions. The notice also advises: “Should you currently suffer from any pre-existing health disorders related to eye, skin, liver, kidney and respiratory organs or if you have an infant, you may wish to consider keeping your windows close [sic] during the application period.”

Further information on Vulkem 350/351 (including product information and material safety data sheets) can be found in a web search or on the Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing website.

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