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Construction budget passed

Now that the construction budget has been passed and much of the control of the project has been given to project manager John Williamson, I’m actually feeling a little more confident about how things will progress from here on. If nothing else, he has committed to monthly reports, so at least we’ll know what’s going […]

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Underground parking garage door

As you may be aware, there was another break-in in the underground parking during the night of 27-28 September. When entering the garage on the evening of 28 September we noticed that the garage door closed, then started to open as soon as it reached the limit of its downward travel, then closed again and […]

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Did you hear the one about …?

Sorry, no joke here. This is just an initial test post. Feel free to comment on this post to make sure you can do so, and to check in and let the rest of us know you’re here.

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