Website to close

I apologise for the fact that my activity on this website ceased suddenly at the end of November. As should have become apparent to most, this was because we left Trinity Place at that time, and out of necessity and good taste I stopped commenting on issues related to the building and its management. I […]

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Anonymous has a sense of humour!

Who would have guessed that someone so petty and cowardly also has a sense of humour? Although, I do have to wonder what the reaction might have been had I illustrated one of my signs with something so obscene and exemplary of abuse to animals as an image of someone inserting their finger into the anus […]

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How to enforce by-laws and rules

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming. One of the things I want to do on this website is highlight some of the excellent instruction guides on the Financial Institutions Commission website and how they apply to Trinity Place at the moment. There are 28 of these guides, and given the nonsense surrounding the petty removal of […]

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Anonymous commenting allowed

In order to accommodate those who feel the need to remain anonymous and to get some voices heard here other than my own, I have removed the requirement to sign up in order to post comments on existing posts. So even the anonymous sign stealer may now comment here without revealing their identity. Ultimately, of […]

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Anonymous strikes again!

I’m all in favour of dissent. Really! Even if I wasn’t, I’ve written nothing on this website that would indicate that I don’t tolerate other points of view. But I can’t debate with a shadow, and in this case the shadow is the anonymous person that has a bee in his or her bonnet about […]

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Website notice on notice board

Twice in the last three weeks or so since this website was set up, someone has removed the small notice I have place on the notice board in the parkade vestibule by the elevator. Today there was a handwritten notice in its place which read as follows: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS NOTICE BOARD IS RESERVED […]

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