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Clarification from EXP on their earlier Additional Investigations Report

On Wednesday, 26 October, Strataco delivered a package containing the following to the door: A 1-page cover letter from the Strata Corporation dated 24 October 2011 and signed by Kim Sheldon, Strata Council President, A 15-page Additional Investigations Report — Building Envelope report from EXP dated 29 September 2011, Copies of this were already given […]

Website notice on notice board

Twice in the last three weeks or so since this website was set up, someone has removed the small notice I have place on the notice board in the parkade vestibule by the elevator. Today there was a handwritten notice in its place which read as follows: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS NOTICE BOARD IS RESERVED […]

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Uploaded more documents

In keeping with the goals of this website, I have uploaded some more documents so that they’re easily available for all Owners and residents. Unfortunately, because they’re all scans, they are not searchable because they are essentially images, not text documents. I would hope and expect that as this website grows and improves, such documents […]

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Notice 2 (Williamson): Updated construction start date

Notice number 2 from John Williamson posted on the notice board by the elevator on the parkade level on Tuesday, 18 October (and dated the same day) indicates that equipment will start to be mobilised on site on Monday, 24 October, with actual construction (actually, demolition) work to start on the following Monday, 31 October, […]

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Notice 1 (Williamson): Construction start date

According to a notice from John Williamson posted yesterday (9 October, but dated 5 October) on the notice board by the elevator on the parking level, New City is set to start construction on 31 October. This would imply that New City has now officially been selected as the contractor, although I don’t recall that […]

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Supplementary parking rule

Since there are at least two Owners who apparently didn’t have a copy of this rule, I’ve added it to this site. In fact, I’ve started a “documents” page where such documents will be posted as they come into my possession in electronic format.

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Possible power surges during construction

I contacted John Williamson with respect to his caution about possible power surges during construction. He clarified that the possibility of a power surge in a suite would only be present during work on that suite’s balcony or deck. This is not something that is a possibility building-wide for the duration of the construction. He […]

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Supplemental report from EXP

After being pressed for it, exp Services Inc. finally submitted (on 29 September, the day of the SGM at which we voted on proceeding with the construction phase) a written report to the Strata Corporation on their investigation into things that needed additional investigation, according to the RDH Building Engineering Ltd. report of 17 November […]

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Emergency plumbing work

It seems that a leak was reported in the *01 and/or *02 stacks yesterday (Friday, 30 September). Artisan Plumbing & Heating Ltd. were called in and the leaks was eventually isolated to a split pipe (if I understood correctly) in the wall between units 401 and 402. As of today (Saturday, 1 October) this seems […]

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