Report 3 (Williamson): Building Remedial Report

John Williamson Inc., report 3 (Building Remedial Report), 2012-01-06.

John Williamson Inc., report 3 (Building Remedial Report), 2012-01-06

The third monthly report from John Williamson Inc., dated 6 January 2012. It notes the unexpected discovery of concrete topping on two balconies, and that the same is expected to be found on three more balconies.

Also of interest is that moisture probe testing on the north-east wall has been completed, and a report is on its way or was sent, depending on which part of the Williamson report you’re reading. Whatever the contents of the report, it seems that an SGM is required to approve additional funds to do more repairs.

Williamson also alludes to the fact that Owners have been asking him questions that have actually been asked (and not answered) for some time now. In fact, some Council members tried to discuss this issue — Council deciding things that should perhaps be decided by the Owners at large — at the semi-secret 30 August 2011 Council meeting. The opinion was put forth by Williamson during that meeting that the Owners had given Council a blank cheque in this regard, and no more discussion was entertained by the Chair of the meeting. (It’s also telling to note [with respect to the autocratic leanings of the Council President] that at that meeting she cut off dissenting discussion [“The Chair interjected that the intent and line of questioning [w]as out of order with the meeting agenda …”] on a similar matter of concern to a minority of Council members, and no further discussion was noted in the minutes on that issue either.)

Updated 2012-01-25: Add emphasis to paragraph two, and some clarity to paragraph three.