Report 1 (Williamson): Building Remedial Report

John Williamson Inc., report 1 (Building Remedial Report), 2011-11-03, cover

John Williamson Inc., report 1 (Building Remedial Report), 2011-11-03

Yesterday (8 November) Strataco emailed a copy (dated 3 November) of what I assume is the first of the monthly reports promised by John Williamson Inc. I presume that hard copies were also distributed yesterday to those who have not chosen to receive them via email.

Reference is made in the report to the schedule of work that is posted on the notice board, and that it “is not cast in stone”. This, of course, is obvious, and no reasonable person would insist otherwise.

However, I’m looking at the schedule and I’m looking at the calendar and I’m looking back at the schedule and I can’t help but notice that the balconies on all four sides of the building are supposed to be demolished by Friday, 11 November (the day after tomorrow), but New City Contracting is still working on the balconies on the west side of the building, where they started. To my knowledge nothing has happened on the north, south and east sides of the building, although to be honest I haven’t made a point of looking down the east wall lately. It’s also interesting to note than demolition was supposed to start on the north side of the building and finish on the west, so the schedule went out the window almost from day one.

Just sayin’.

Updated 2011-11-11: Added the date of the report to the text.

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  1. Written by CraigH
    on 9 November 2011 at 15:50